A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Submission for the 11th LM0B Beginner's Game Jam.

Bullet hell with space ships and cards.

Achieve high scores by avoiding enemies and their projectiles by using abilities in a deck? system and its cards such as Arcane Missile, Phase Shift, and Double Shoot speed.


Our first game jam! We, Trinity Weebs, (DankTemplarAshiro12138 and ConnieZee) had a lot of fun creating (and playing) this. Comment your high scores down below!

This was made in Unity 2019.4.18f1. 

Sound Assets were used from Open Game Art's space sound effectsOpen Game Art's lasers, phasers in space and ZapSplat. Visual assets were created by DankTemplar. Credits to Harry Wensor for the Music used in the game!


OuterDecks1.2_Mac.zip 33 MB
OuterDecks1.2.zip 33 MB


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good job

very chaotic but fun ! pushes you to get as high of a score that you can


Incredibly gaming